Zeily Orozco-Miranda

Legal Assistant / Spanish Interpreter

Zeily Orozco-Miranda is originally from Guatemala and she moved to the United States in 2008 when she was 17. When Zeily arrived in the United States she did not speak any English so she began taking English as a Second Language classes at Jackson State University. Once she had a grasp of English, she attended Bailey Magnet High School for about a year and earned her GED diploma after studying for two years. Zeily continued her education at Hinds Community College where she earned her Associate’s Degree in 2016—graduating with Cum Laude honors.

Zeily proudly became a United States citizen in March of 2015, the same year in which she got married.

For about eight years, Zeily worked as a prep cook at two local restaurants in Jackson, MS. She is very grateful for the great experience she gained, as this led her position at Elmore & Peterson Law Firm. Zeily is very interested in learning about immigration law so that she can help others to achieve legal status in the United States.