Tatiana McDonald

Immigration Paralegal / Spanish Interpreter

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Tatiana McDonald, Paralegal Interpreter

“I was thrilled when I was asked to become part of the Elmore & Peterson team. I would have not accepted this new challenge if I didn’t had the respect that I have for Elmore and Peterson Law Firm, a place that has been built with hard and honest work and that is always committed to their clients based on attorney’s knowledge and expertise.”

Tatiana McDonald

Tatiana McDonald started her immigration casework experience at a nonprofit organization where she witnessed first-hand the struggles faced by undocumented immigrants to the United States—and particularly in the State of Mississippi. After 2 years of working with that organization she realized she needed and could do more for the immigrant community and pursed a job with Catholic Charities Immigration Clinic where she devoted her time on helping immigrants adapt to life in the United States and where she helped them understand their rights as well as to find out what could she do for each person and to find any lawful relief for them to acquire a legal status in America.

After her hard work with the immigration Clinic and after been able to help hundreds of people in every way, she was still trying to do even more. She realized that the number of children who were here in this country on their own was huge. She then focused on helping minors and pursued a job within Catholic Charities with the Unaccompanied Refugee Minor Program where she worked side by side with Hispanic children and where she helped them accomplish their goals. She was able to get to the heart and mind of this youth and gave them the tools they needed to succeed in their “new country.”

It’s been more than seven years since she has been working with immigrants and immigration issues. Throughout all these years, she has always been wisely guided by Abigail Peterson, who she gladly met when she first started doing this type of work. Tatiana joined the E&P team in 2013.