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We resolutely believe in the presumption of innocence and the value of a vigorous defense.

If you are charged with a crime you need a competent and experienced attorney who will challenge the State’s evidence and untruthful witnesses to get you the best possible result.

Elmore & Peterson’s criminal defense team has won many felony and misdemeanor cases and represented clients in State and Federal courts.

  • DUI and traffic tickets
  • Illegal re-entry and immigration crimes
  • Drug sales and possession
  • Money laundering
  • Sex crimes
  • Murder and manslaughter
  • Jail visits

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“I had a charge of [••••••••••] and faced years in prison. I was represented at trial by Nathan Elmore. The jury found me “not guilty.”

I have not been in trouble with the law since then. Mr. Elmore helped me get my life back.”

Oscar D., Jackson, MS

Bilingual Lawyers and Staff

We have English and Spanish speaking staff. If you give us notice, we can provide interpreters for other languages.

Frequently Asked Criminal Defense Questions

I have a family member in jail. How do I find out the charges and the bond amount?

We can call the jail to find out your family member’s charges and bond amount. We can also contact the court to make sure the jail has accurate and complete information.

When does an arrested person go to court? What will happen there?

The first time an arrested person will go before a judge is for his initial appearance where he is informed of his charges and given a bond. This bond is often very high. That is why it is important to have a defense attorney by the time of the second appearance before a judge (called a preliminary hearing.) The preliminary hearing is where the judge will hear some of the evidence against the charged person and can reduce the client’s bond. The client’s attorney can cross-examine the State’s witnesses and point out favorable factors to the judge. Another opportunity for bond reduction may not occur for many months.

What does “indictment” mean?

In Mississippi a person does not have to go to trial on felony charges unless a Grand Jury has issued an indictment against them.
At a grand jury proceeding the prosecutor must present evidence that a crime has been committed and that the defendant is the one who committed it. Neither the defendant nor his attorney is allowed to be present or give testimony to the Grand Jury. If the Grand Jury issues an indictment against someone, that person will have to go before a Circuit Court judge where he will plead guilty or not guilty.

If I have a felony indictment against me will I have to go to trial?

Not necessarily. If you have pleaded not guilty to the indictment against you, the judge will set a trial date, usually many months in the future. Your defense attorney will request all the police reports, witness statements, photographs and other evidence in the possession of the prosecutor. After reviewing this evidence and talking with witnesses, you will make a decision whether to go to trial. You can also ask your attorney to seek a plea bargain. You may be able to avoid a trial if your attorney can negotiate a good plea deal for you. This can save you from the anxiety and uncertainty of going to trial.

Is it important to hire a lawyer as soon as possible?

Yes. At Elmore & Peterson Law Firm, we visit our clients in jail as soon as possible, including nights or weekends. This is critical so that we can advise our clients before they make any statements to law enforcement agents or give up any rights to a hearing.

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