Safeguarding your Legal Status in the Country

Elmore & Peterson offers services in all areas of immigration law, from asylum and defense in deportation to permanent residency and citizenship

Effective Assistance on Immigration

Effective Assistance

Navigating the complex immigration laws and court systems can be very difficult. Our bilingual attorneys and staff will provide you clear guidance and effective assistance throughout the process in your case. Our passion is to help individuals and companies fully resolve their immigration law challenges quickly and completely.

Up to date on immigration

We stay up to date

Our attorneys and staff stay abreast of frequent developments in the Immigration laws that affect our clients so that we may provide you with news and information pertinent to your case. We have helped thousands of individuals, families and businesses resolve their immigration law challenges.

Bilingual lawyers and staff

Bilingual lawyers and staff

Our attorneys and staff speak English and Spanish to understand all our clients' needs. We have an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of immigration law, are attentive and informative to our clients' needs throughout the entire process of their case.

President Obama Executive Action


Elmore & Peterson is keeping up with all of the changes in immigration regulations brought about by President Obama’s recent Executive Action.

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