About E&P

The law firm was founded by Nathan H. Elmore in Jackson, Mississippi in 1995. He was joined by Abigail Peterson in 2010. Clients of Elmore & Peterson have come to rely upon the firm for solutions to legal questions in a variety of fields from personal injury to immigration. The firm takes pride in its attorneys and staff, many of whom are fluent in Spanish.

Elmore & Peterson clients are assured access to the attorneys, timely responses, and genuine concern for the issues they face. The firm’s legal work carries the hallmarks of professional ethics, knowledge of the law, and commitment to the cause of the client. Upholding these standards in every case has enabled Elmore & Peterson to stake a prominent role in the legal community in Jackson and throughout the State of Mississippi.

Mr. Nathan Elmore and Ms. Abigail Peterson are designated by the Mexican Consulate in New Orleans, Louisiana, to serve as legal advisors to the Consulate in the areas of Criminal, Labor, Family and Immigration law.

Elmore & Peterson maintains strong relationships with other Consulates that help us to provide the best assistance to our clients.

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