Green Card for Family Members and Immigration Reform

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Green Card for Family Members and Immigration Reform

Immigration Q&A with Attorney Abigail Peterson

Question: I read that the relatives of Lawful Permanent Residents can now apply to get their green cards. Is this true?

Answer: What you probably heard is that the F2A visa category for children (under 21 years of age) and spouses of Lawful Permanent Residents is now current for all countries. This is a tremendous change that allows beneficiaries who are in lawful status in the United States to immediately adjust their status to a green card holder. For those that are not lawfully present, you can still seek your green card now as well, but you may have to leave the country to consular process. Additionally, for Lawful Permanent Residents who have a spouse and/or children outside of the United States, you can now schedule them for an appointment at the US Embassy or Consulate so that they may seek an entry visa.

To explain how significant this jump in the F2A visa category is, just one month ago, the priority date for the children and spouses of Lawful Permanent Residents was October of 2011, which meant that the family had to wait nearly 2 YEARS to seek this benefit that is now, in August of 2013, immediate! However, please note that this will not be permanent as the priority dates for visa categories frequently change depending on visa availability. Therefore, it is important to act now if you fall into the F2A category (children under age 21 or spouses).

Question: I paid a notario $3,000 to get my papers fixed with the new reform but I haven’t yet received anything. How long should I expect to wait?

Answer: Immigration reform has not yet passed and it is not a guarantee that it will pass! You should not pay anyone – notario or attorney – to file papers for you based on the reform or to “hold your spot in line” so that you won’t lose your chance. There are a lot of unqualified and unethical people that are hoping to make some easy money right now by telling undocumented immigrants that they must go ahead and pay money to file for reform or else they may lose their chance. This is absolutely NOT true and if you believe someone has taken advantage of you in this manner then it is advisable to report it to the Attorney General for investigation. If you would like to be more informed on the immigration reform process and what is happening, then you are welcome to attend our next informational session which is free and open to all interested individuals. The next scheduled presentation will be Saturday, August 31 at 5pm in Chattanooga. For more details, please contact us directly.

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